Tansey Electric Inc. Grosses $500K+ in first year of business
February 14, 2014

Albert Tansey of Tansey Electric Inc.

The success story of Tansey Electric Inc. is one of determination, exceptional knowledge and unique skill; but to Albert Tansey it is just another day’s work. VBOI member Albert Tansey has taken his skills in electrical engineering and turned it into a profitable business in a very short amount of time. Tansey Electric Inc. officially opened its doors in September 2012 with a minimal client base and little working capital. Albert, a third generation union electrician, worked hard to form a Business Plan and then present his case to the bank lenders. Once Tansey Electric Inc. was approved for a Patriot Loan line of credit, Albert was able to get the wheels in motion; and they have not stopped moving since!

With the first full year of operation complete, Tansey Electric INC has proven they are here to stay. 2013 was extremely successful for Tansey Electric Inc. as the company managed to hit major milestones with great efficiency. Tansey Electric INC productively hired two knowledgeable key foremen and another four experienced employees. With the additional man power, Tansey Electric Inc. was able to bring in over $500,000 in gross sales. Albert Tansey’s organizational skills and extensive background have ultimately been the critical ingredients for the high amount of job acquisitions and the ability to exceed financial goals. With the help and guidance from the Veteran Business Owners Initiative, Albert Tansey has gone from a track vehicle mechanic in the United States Army, to electronic warfare technician in the United State Navy, to union electrician, to successful business owner. Tansey Electric Inc. will continue to grow bigger in 2014 and beyond while remaining truthful to their company mission; provide customers quality electrical workmanship at budget conscious prices without sacrificing excellence.

For more information about Tansey Electric Inc., contact Albert Tansey at (603) 591-3271 or

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