Albert Tansey

Position: President
Business: Tansey Electric, Inc.

Albert Tansey  

Albert Tansey served our country in the Army (1977-1980), Navy (1980-1986), and Army National Guard (1980). After his military service, Al joined IBEW local 631where he attended 4 years as an apprentice. He worked on many various jobs in the Hudson valley region before moving to New England. He joined IBEW local 490 and worked in the Boston area with Stalker Electric for 7 years installing fire alarms and special agent fire suppression systems. Al also worked with Richardson Electric as a foreman. He has worked on many types of electrical installations, including process automation. Al leaves no stone unturned to bring quality work. He is a dedicated VBOI leader, mentor, and an example of the great success that is possible with hard work and focus.

Colonel Andrea Gayle-Bennett

Position: Director, Bedford, MA
Business: Wig Shop

Colonel Andrea Gayle-Bennett  

Colonel Andrea Gayle-Bennett is a recent graduate of the VBOI’s Business Gym and is beginning her journey to entrepreneurship. Andrea is planning to open an upscale wig shop dedicated to making women feel not only comfortable but beautiful no matter what the situation may be. Wigs are worn for many different medical, personal or emotional reasons, but Andrea believes every woman should feel their best in their new look. As an achieved Physician’s Assistant and leader in her National Guard roles, Andrea was recently honored on Veterans Day at the State Capital and was invited to President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural ceremony. All members of VBOI look forward to seeing the successes of Andrea and her business venture.


Tricia White

Position: Board of Directors
Business: Fun Enterprises, Inc.
Specialty: Creative Marketing Expert

Tricia White

Tricia White, VP of Creative Marketing for the company Fun Enterprises, INC. got involved with the VBOI organization while working as a Senior Business Advisor for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center.

Not only does Tricia have enormous respect and admiration for the veterans and their dedication to protecting our freedom, but her husband also spent 27 years in the Marine Corp in both active duty and reserve capacities. She understands the importance of these men and women and will do anything in her power to help.

With her experience at Fun Enterprises, a national entertainment company that provides programming and event planning, Tricia is able to use her knowledge in marketing and business to guide the future business owners in the right direction. Tricia is well known for her fantastic Social Media Marketing training sessions. She explains how social media works as a marketing tool and how important it is for any business. She hopes that she can continue to train current and future business owners and use her business and marketing background to continue to help veterans attain success.


Kathy Kuzmick

Position: Director at Large
Business: Zaedyus Therapeutic Massage

Kathy Kuzmick

A Nashua native, Kathy is a U.S. Navy Veteran. She served her country as an Electronics Engineering Technician and carried those skills into her civilian life for more than 18 years. She graduated from UMASS, Lowell in 2011 with a BS/MA degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and worked within a pathology lab for more than 4 years.

Kathy has also been a NH Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004. The VBOI help her realize that her true desire as an entrepreneur was to help other veterans improve their own physical health and well-being. Through her business, Zaedyus Therapeutic Massage, she offers a variety of massage modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure/trigger point therapy and facial/scalp massage. She is also a Reiki practitioner seeking corporate accounts so that, through her private practice, they can enhance their own wellness programs.

Paul Lanouette

Position: Director, Manchester, NH
Business: MAPS Appliance Repair

Elizabeth Riley

Position: Director, Brockton, MA


John McGuire

Position: Director, Jamaica Plain

Patrick Arabie

Position: Secretery

Jerry Pinsky

Position: VA Facilitator

Jerry Pinsky, VA facilitator

Jerry Pinsky, LICSW, MSW, CPRP is the founder and driving force behind the establishment of the Veterans Business Owners Initiative. An entrepreneur and former CEO for a computer company, Mr. Pinsky worked in the corporate business & self-employment worlds for over thirty years before entering the social work field following his retirement from business. He graduated from Simmons College's School of Social Work. During a year-long fellowship at the Bedford VA Medical Center, he developed a pilot program to observe the effect of entrepreneurial efforts by psychiatrically disabled veterans. The Veterans Business Owners Initiative grew out of this pilot effort. Mr. Pinsky has played a central role in fostering the creation of the Veterans Business Owners Association and the other non-profits. He has advised individual veterans, recruited individuals with psychiatric disabilities into key positions within the program, promoted the program within the VA, and actively enlisted resources and support from the community. The efforts have resulted in the development of over 165 businesses and the offering of 350 classes for dozens of veterans at Bedford VA. In 2011, Jerry was awarded Small Business Administration's Champion Award for Massachusetts. The Veteran Business Owners Initiative holds regular meetings every two weeks and has formed six years ago, the micro-lending Empowerment Bank responsible for loaning thousands of dollars to veterans, 97% of which has been repaid with interest and on time.