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Success is no mistake. Our Business Gym is mentored by a network of A-list business experts in law, finance, marketing, and more. VBOI's select group of high level experts advise our veteran business owners to succeed.

Lawyer Helps Members Build Strong Business Foundations

Melissa Levine-Piro

Business Name: Affordable Law Group
Specialty: Lawyer

Melissa Levine-Piro

Melissa’s experience with the VBOI started in 2013 when she was asked to speak at a business group on the legal questions that arise when starting a business. She had such a positive experience that she offered to be a regular lecturer at similar groups. The Veterans are always very anxious to speak with Melissa because of the complexities that are involved with the legal side of owning your own business. When Veterans work with Melissa, they can expect to learn a great deal about how to build their business while staying within the barriers of the law. This encompasses everything from incorporating the business to drafting contracts to guidance through civil litigations. All of these things are necessary for every business to ensure ones finances and properties are safe.

Melissa always makes it a priority to meet with any VBOI member who needs one-on-one time regarding legal concerns in their business. She loves getting to know the VBOI members and working with them to expand on their business ideas. Helping start-ups is a passion of hers, and seeing Veterans succeed from her help gives her great satisfaction. Melissa has enjoyed assisting the men and women who have already given so much to our country. She plans to continue offering her services throughout the VBOI organization and beyond.

Instructor/Entrepreneur focuses on Networking and Presentation Skills

Kathy Doyle

Business Name: FireFlower Alternative Energy
Specialty: VBOI Instructor

Kathy Doyle

Kathy Doyle was introduced to the VBOI through her membership in the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO); a global network of business owners all around the world. From the moment she met the men and women in the VBOI organization she was hooked! Since then, Kathy has been instructing various classes in the 18 module business course designed by founder Jerry Pinsky. These courses teach all aspects of business ownership from marketing, to sales to finances, legal and accounting. Additionally, Kathy includes role play in the courses she teaches which focus on networking and presentation skills.

Kathy continues to work with the VBOI because of how inspiring the members are. She cherishes the one-on-one time she gets with the Veterans doing individual mentoring on a weekly basis. “Everyone is so committed to learning and improving, it’s amazing!” Kathy explains.

Kathy is a qualified entrepreneur herself, running her own company called FireFlower Alternative Energy. FireFlower Alternative Energy works with companies to help them leverage federal and state incentives that are available for clean, renewable energy development. Recently, FireFlower developed the largest roof-mounted solar installation in the city of Boston. The system has the ability to produce 65% of the energy consumed by the commercial tenants in the multi-tenant industrial building; a very cost effective initiative.

Prior to founding FireFlower, Kathy co-founded and co-managed what became the largest woman-owned commercial real estate brokerage company in the State of Massachusetts. Several of the VBOI members have requested counsel on commercial leases as they start and/or grow their new businesses, which she is happy to provide as well.

The VBOI is very lucky to have Kathy as a reoccurring presence and dedicated mentor within the organization.

VP of Creative Marketing (and Former SBA Senior Advisor) Mentors Vets

Tricia White

Business Name: Fun Enterprises, Inc.
Specialty: Creative Marketing Expert

Tricia White

Tricia White, VP of Creative Marketing for the company Fun Enterprises, INC. got involved with the VBOI organization while working as a Senior Business Advisor for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center.

Not only does Tricia have enormous respect and admiration for the veterans and their dedication to protecting our freedom, but her husband also spent 27 years in the Marine Corp in both active duty and reserve capacities. She understands the importance of these men and women and will do anything in her power to help.

With her experience at Fun Enterprises, a national entertainment company that provides programming and event planning, Tricia is able to use her knowledge in marketing and business to guide the future business owners in the right direction. Tricia’s greatest memory of working with the VBOI is when she got the opportunity to teach a training session on Social Media Marketing. Through this training session she was able to spend time explaining how social media works as a marketing tool and how important it is for any business. Tricia was excited to hear that after these sessions, various veterans applied the concepts they learned in her course, and saw excellent results.

Overall, Tricia has had an amazing experience working with business owners at the Brockton, Bedford and Boston VBOI training sessions. She hopes that she can continue to train current and future business owners and use her business and marketing background to continue to help veterans attain success. For more information, you can contact Tricia at

Professional Writer Helps Veterans Secure Business Loans

Allison Ehrenreich

Business Name: Absolute Start-Up Advisors
Specialty: Professional Writing Services

Allison Ehrenreich

Allison’s work with the VBOI began when she made contact with a Veteran looking for help with a business plan. While working with this Veteran, he mentioned he was part of an organization that helped Veterans start businesses after they came home from military service. He found Allison’s writing services very helpful and thought she could be of great help to other aspiring entrepreneurs; the rest is history!

To date, Allison has worked with over 15 motivating and inspirational Veterans through her experience with the VBOI. Allison’s services have helped Veterans who are striving to obtain funding for businesses within all types of industries. For these companies she has provided comprehensive business plans to present to bank loaners. Her plans have a proven record of being legitimate and impressive to the banks. Once these businesses have opened operations, Allison can then offer marketing plan creation, website content writing, sales letters and other documents to help increase revenue.

Through it all, Allison’s greatest moments working with the VBOI is, hands down, when a business plan written by her helps a Veteran obtain funding. This accomplishment means that an entrepreneur’s dream of owning their own business and supporting their families has begun to come true. Allison’s motivation directly comes from the success of these Veterans she helps.

When Vets decide to work with Allison, they can expect to have a close relationship throughout the process of business plan creation. Their input is taken with the utmost priority to ensure the heart of the business is clearly and accurately portrayed through words. Veterans can also expect professionalism and expertise along with quick turnarounds and reasonable fees.

Allison brags that working with Veterans is a very exciting experience for her both professionally and personally. Helping Veterans who dedicated their lives to serve our country is one way she can give back. She knows that ultimately, these Veterans will use her services to continue to help other Veterans and give back to their communities. The domino effect of people helping people is what motivates Allison to give it her all every day. Contact Allison Ehrenreich of Absolute Start-Up Advisors at (914) 805-3353 or

They Call Him the "Financial Genius"

Myron Steere

Specialty: Financial and business advising

Myron Steere

Myron graduated from USMA (West Point) in 1967 and medically retired as a Captain in 1970. He received an MBA from UCONN in Finance and Accounting in 1975.

Myron is now retired from business as a CFO, but continues to consult in finance and business. He is six sigma certified and has served as a mentor in the Manchester, NH Chapter of VBOI since 2012. In the Business Gym Class, Myron is known as the "Financial Genius", and is always eager to share his knowledge with participants to help them with their own business ideas.